Frequently asked questions

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination aka "brow lift" is a natural keratin infusion for your eyebrows! Brow lamination works for most eyebrow shapes and styles, from full to sparse, so is ideal for anyone looking to improve the shape of their brows. The keratin compound used at Atelier Lash + Brows contains essential oils, vitamin B and minerals specifically designed to provide nourishment, anti-oxidants and hydration to each individual hair.

This treatment will straighten, add length & volume and set the brow hair in place to create a perfect shape!

How long does it last?

Following your treatment, the results should last for up to 6 weeks. Your stylist will provide aftercare advice, to help you maintain your fresh brows.

Is this painful?

Not at all. This is a very relaxing service. Always let us know if anything feels uncomfortable or irratating.

How long does the procedure take?

When brow lamination is incorporated into the Brow Xperience treatment, it should take roughly 50-55 minutes.

Does the Brow Lamination treatment involve adding in hairs?

Not at all - there’s no eyebrow extensions or permanent make up involved. The treatment uses entirely your own brow hair. It’s the eyebrow repositioning and shape correction that gives a fuller appearance.

How do I take care of my Brow Lamination?

  • Do use a brow conditioner daily + gently comb hairs back into place daily only when wet after 24 hours.

  • Do not apply makeup/brow gel to eyebrows for 24 hours.

  • Do not receive any other eye treatments (waxing, plucking, lash extensions, etc) for at least 24 hours.

  • Do not touch the brow area to avoid transferring oils to the treated area for 24 hours

  • Do not allow prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or heat; the use of tanning beds, saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for 24 hours

  • Do not sweat/exercise for 24 hours

  • Do not apply self-tanner, or receive spray tanning for at least 48 hours.

  • Do not apply Retin-A, AHA or exfoliate around the brow area for 72 hours.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

  • Do not use heavy creams/oils/makeup on or around the brows the day of your appointment.

  • Do not apply Retin-A, AHA or exfoliate around the brow area for three days before the treatment

What medical conditions would not make me suitabile for the treatment?

If any of the following apply to you then you are NOT a suitable candidate for Brow Lamination.

⁃Herpes simplex (active sore on or around area)



⁃Pregnant/breast feeding

⁃Recent eye surgery

⁃Recent PMU (permanent make-up, Microblading, Tattoo, etc). You must wait 4 weeks after getting any PMU

⁃Cuts/abrasions/inflammation/swelling in or around the brow area


⁃Eye lift Surgery


⁃Sunburn in or around the brow area

⁃Very sensitive skin (must have a patch test 24 hours before; call /book online for test)

⁃Medications: blood thinning, antibiotics (2 weeks), Accutane (within the last 12 months)


⁃Positive reaction to the patch test


⁃Excessive Allergies

⁃Recent scar tissue

How do you decide on the shape?

We use the golden ratio which will ensure the ultimate symmetry and shape. This is developed to conform to the “Phi” ratio and is calculated according to the morphology of the face and the golden mean, the number φ (1.618) and helps in mapping out facial contour by designing the shape that compliments all facial features. The Golden Ratio φ 1.618 also known as Phi is a proportion that appears in the patterns and proportions in every living form. Many key features of the human face can embody many golden ratios, leading to our perceptions of beauty.

What is the procedure?


All of our treatments begin with a thorough consultation, so your stylist can establish your brow goals and work to achieve them.


Now that we’ve set your hairs in their new position, you’ll need a new shape to match. We’ll map out the shape and create it with hair removal techniques, which may include a combination of waxing and tweezing.


We’ll start the process by relaxing the hair: breaking down the hair structure to make it straighter and easier to manipulate.


Next, we’ll brush them into your desired position before applying a treatment lotion that sets the brows in place.


Your stylist will then mix a custom color tint or henna for your brows.


Those finishing touches make your fresh brows feel even fresher, even if it’s just adding a hair stroke or two.