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You have to take care of you!

I've never really been one for "mommy time." My best mommy time is that time in which I am being a mommy. I get so much out of being with my family, that I really don't feel the need to escape. And I also believe that when we tell our children that we need some "mommy time," and then we leave them, then we are sending them a message that they exhaust us. (Yeah, yeah, I know they do sometimes, but then don't actually need to be told that, do they?)

But, every now and then, you need some "YOU" time, some time to hear yourself think and work out some issues in your own mind. Here are some sneaky ways to grab those minutes for yourself without the kids thinking that you want to escape their desperate clutches.

Go to the Bathroom

I know you don't have to be told to use the potty, but why not seize the opportunity for a quick break now and then? Take a cup of tea or coffee with you and a magazine, and a watch so that you don't let the time slip away from you. For about five or ten minutes, just sit and refresh yourself. At one time, I kept a pretty wicker chair in my bathroom just for this purpose.

Go get Some Groceries

"Oops! We ran out of milk!" Sometimes, we just need to get out for a few minutes. Make these minutes count. Don't just run to the store and back, make it worthwhile. Take your favorite tunes with you to play on the way (for added points, you can roll down the window and sing along). Make a smoothie to drink while you are there, or buy a favorite tea or soda and sip it while you shop. And if you happen to pause for a moment to smell the candles on aisle twelve, then who is going to know?

Go for a Walk

This is a great solution because it's good for your mind and your body. As long as hubby is home, or maybe an adult friend who is doing you a favor, then go ahead and step out for a few minutes. Taking fifteen minutes to walk around the neighborhood will do wonders for you. Bring along your ipod if you like, or just listen to the sounds of life around you. A walk can center your spirit like nothing else.

Whatever you choose to do for some "YOU" time, the important thing is to take a break every now and then. Your kids need you whole and complete, not hanging on for dear life. There is no shame in taking a few minutes to rejuvenate, and you will be a better mom because of it.

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