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Can You Wear Mascara with a Lash Lift?

So, can you wear mascara with a lash lift? Will mascara ruin your lash lift? Here’s all that you should know about this beauty treatment and mascara!

Lash Lift
Before + After Lash Lift

For starters, what is a Lash Lift? A lash lift is a semi-permanent curl for your natural lashes. It is similar to a perm because it has a stronghold and it can set your lashes in place. A lash lift is perfect for any woman, no matter her age, lash density, type, or color. Lash Lift treatments give a noticeable result that is maintenance free. The lash lift has been around for about 15 years but has gain popularity in the last 5 years. It has been a well-loved beauty service ever since! The entire process takes only 45-75 minutes to do, while the results are immediate!

Are you addicted to your eyelash curler?

You need to get a lash lift. Women who have healthy lashes but lack that feminine curl will love this treatment! Lash Lifts are for anyone who wishes for curled, luscious natural lashes. A lash lift is super affordable and customizable. A frequent question clients ask is whether or not they are allowed to wear a mascara with a lash lift.

The best part? You get to wear your favorite mascara and express your feminine beauty style even after getting your lashes lifted + curled! Yes, you heard it right, you can wear mascara even after a lash lift. We’ll discuss this more later.

lash Lift
Lash Lift (Returning Client)

Can Anyone Get A Lash Lift? You can get a lash lift as long as you don’t have sensitive skin, any broken skin around the eye, recent eye surgeries, or eye condition. You should discuss this with your stylist before you book your appointment.

As long as you are not allergic to adhesive, similar to lash strip adhesive, you should be a candidate for a lash lift.

Will A Lash Lift Ruin Your Natural Lashes? No, as long as the treatment is done by a professionally trained stylist. You can have it done every 6-8 weeks to maintain flawless results. A lash lift will give you a defined lift + curl each time after getting it done.

So, Can You Wear Your Favorite Mascara When You Have A Lash Lift? A lot of women are worried that their everyday makeup routine will change after they get a lash lift. Not true! Luckily, you are allowed to wear mascara 24 hours after getting your lashes lifted. Then, you can enjoy your normal makeup routine! So, mascaras, in general, does not ruin your lashes after a lash lift.

How Soon Can You Wear Your Mascara After Getting A Lash Lift? The most important rule is to wait to use mascara for the first 24-hour period. Your natural lashes may need some time to set + bond. So, make sure that you always avoid the use of waterproof mascara, lash curlers, or oily eye cleansers. Also, try to avoid steamy area + activities to prevent softening the bonds so not lose its hold.


What Mascara Should You Use, And Which Ones Should You Avoid When You Have A Lash lift?

Best Mascara for Lash lift: If you wish for long-lasting results after your beauty treatment, make sure to use the right products! You can use most mascara brands that include these key words.

  • Quick-drying

  • It has to be free of oils

  • Non-waterproof

  • Nourishing

Worst mascaras for a Lash Lift: These types of mascaras will ruin the curl pattern that you just received. Avoid these mascaras at all costs, and you will enjoy that curl longer.

  • Smudges

  • Flakes

  • Waterproof

  • Oil-based mascara


Xtreme Lashes Length + Volume Mascara
Xtreme Lashes Length + Volume Mascara
One of our favorites is Xtreme Lashes Length + Volume Mascara. Featuring a fuller-designed brush that coats and thickens each eyelash from base to tip to achieve extreme Length and Volume™. This pigmented and Vitamin B5-enriched formula creates high-impact definition and separation to natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions without clumps, flakes, or smudges. Apply multiple coats for a greater volumizing effect.

How To Take Off Your Mascara When You Have A Lash Lift? Your favorite mascara + a lash lift will go hand in hand together! You shouldn’t be worried about the removing your mascara since it’s the same process.…but with with some extra care.

  • Make sure you use an gentle, oil-free makeup cleanser ( best for your natural lashes)

  • Hold the cleanser soaked cotton rounds on the eyes

  • Allow the cleanser dissolved the mascara

  • Be very gentle with your movements

  • Slowly wipe your eyes in the upward motion.

Use a few cotton rounds and you’ll have removed your mascara in no time!

PS: Don’t rub your lashes excessively since this can weaken your curl.

Conclusion: A lash lift is perfect for anyone who loves this eye-popping look + it still allows you to wear your holy-grail mascara. Get your flawless curl on soon, and simply implement these set of rules. You’ll love the outcome + get to wear your favorite mascara!


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