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The Bridal Timeline For Wedding Lash Extensions

So, you’re a bride-to-be who wants to have her eyelashes extended for the first time. What’s the ideal time frame for you to come in that will make the most of your wedding lashes?

We’ve set up a timeline guide below that will leave any bride blissfully blinking away on her big day and beyond!

Beautiful bride with lash extensions
Brides get worry-free lash extensions for your wedding.

The Full Set (2-3 months before):

You’ll want to apply your first full set of eyelash extensions early. We recommend you set the first appointment 2-3 months ahead of the wedding, ideally.

An early appointment allows enough advance time to ensure you have exactly the look you want on your wedding day.
Any sensitivities or allergies can be assessed far enough in advance to avoid embarrassing photos or wedding day woes.

The First Relash/Refill (every 2-3 weeks):

Schedule your first relash /refill appointment every 2 -3 weeks after your initial set.

Let us know if you’re happy with the overall look you received from your initial set. Would you prefer more lashes? Less? Are they long enough or too long? Thick enough or too thick? Would you like some eyelights to enhance your eye color? Now is the time to begin a transitional change to accommodate your wishes and have it completed before the big day.
If you had any reactions to any of the products used on you before, let us know now. We can switch up your adhesive or gel patches if necessary to see if another product will be better for your skin type.

The Final Relash/Refill (2-5 days):

It’s time to perfect the final look – we recommend this appointment be scheduled 2-5 days before the wedding. You’ll have minimal shedding and still be free to shower and apply your wedding day makeup without worries within this time frame.

If you were transitioning to a different length or thickness of lashes, we will be replacing the remainder of the initial set about now to ensure the final look is as you requested.
If there were any sensitivity issues before, determine if these were remedied by the changes made during the last appointment. If not, let us know so you can discuss any further options.

Relax and enjoy your blissful bridal beauty

throughout the wedding and honeymoon!

Call and schedule your appointments in advance, now!


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