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Can summer time can affect your eyelash extensions?

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When you see how eyelash extensions can transform your eyes, you’ll want to keep them as long as possible. You might not expect the weather to play a part, but extreme temperatures and related climate factors can actually have a significant effect on how long your extensions last. Fortunately, a little care and prevention goes a long way; there are several things you can do to combat weather-related threats, and keep your gorgeous eyelash extensions intact longer.

Temperature Matters from Day One

The temperature of the facility where your extensions are applied has a direct effect on how quickly the adhesive sets. 68-76 degree room temperature and 40-60% humitly delivers the best results. Eyelash extension adhesive will set too quickly if it’s hot and too slowly if it’s cold. I have a climate controlled room to help prevent this variable.

Keeping Your Cool in a Hot Climate

If you live in Dallas or Fort Worth, you’re already familiar with the hot and humid climate, but you may not realize that it can cause your eyelash extension adhesive to break down sooner. Be aware of this potential problem, and limit the time you spend outside when conditions are extreme. Other ways to protect your lashes and stay cool include wearing lightweight clothing, running errands at night or at dusk, avoiding strenuous activities during the day, and spending more time in air-conditioned places.

Allergies, Wind and Watery Eyes

The average annual wind speed in Dallas is 10.7 mph. When you compare it to Chicago, which has an average of 10.3 mph, it’s more than enough wind to blow allergens like pollen and dust into your eyes. When your eyes react by becoming sore, itchy and watery, your eyelash extensions are at risk. To protect your eyes from wind and allergens, heed your local pollen reports. If you can take an antihistamine, it will also help with watery eyes. Stay indoors when pollen counts are high. Avoid wooded areas, and have someone else tend to your landscaping and lawn. Don’t leave doors or windows open in warmer months. To help your air conditioner filter out indoor allergens, equip it with a high-quality HEPA filter. If you still experience symptoms after taking precautions, see your family doctor, allergist or ophthalmologist for professional treatment.

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Eyelash Extensions: The Coolest Way to Experience Summer

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