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GlideLiner Eyeliner Tips and Techniques

Eyelash Extensions in Coppell

We know there are a lot of GlideLiner™ eye pencil fans out there (thanks again to all the beauty professionals who voted for the GlideLiner to win the Readers Choice Award for BEST EYELINER – so amazing).

Whether you’ve already got a stash of GlideLiners in your makeup arsenal, you’re getting set to jump on the GlideLiner bandwagon or you’re still using traditional eyeliners, we know you’ll find something you can use in these eyeliner application tips from our in-house makeup expert, Artistic Director Noor Daoudi.

Thin Eyeliner – To apply Thin Liner:

  • Place the freshly sharpened GlideLiner at the inner corner of the eye. Slowly glide the product across your eyelid. Apply GlideLiner near your lash line to ensure a thin, natural line.

  • Tip: If you find it difficult to apply a straight line using GlideLiner, try applying in small feather-like strokes across your eyelid. This will allow you more effective placement and control of the product.

  • Tip: Thickening the GlideLiner at the center of the eye creates the illusion of “larger eyes.”

Winged Eyeliner – To create a “winged” look:

  • Apply your freshly sharpened GlideLiner across the center of your eyelid, near the lash line. Applying product to the center of the eyelid allows you better control of the winged end of the product. Extend your liner with an upward motion when you reach the end of your eyelid to create a “winged look”.

  • “Touch up” your wing by extending it, or by filling in the line for more intense color.

  • Place the GlideLiner along the inner corner of your eyelid and continue the line from the inner corner to the center of the eyelid where you first began applying the liner. Tip: Adjust the thickness of this line to create exciting new looks (i.e. the “cat eye” look).

Smudged Eyeliner – For a smoky eyeshadow effect:

  • Place the freshly sharpened GlideLiner at the inner corner of the eye. Slowly glide the product across your eyelid. Apply GlideLiner close to your lash line to ensure a thin, natural line.

  • Use your smudging tool, sponge or cotton swab to smudge the liner. You have approximately 20 seconds to smudge your GlideLiner before it sets. Tip: Generously apply additional liner, smudging as you go, to create a more dramatic look for evenings or special events.

Hidden Eyeliner

  • Hidden liner thickens the lash line. Lift eyelid slightly, exposing all of your lash line to allow you to apply the product to the whole natural lash line without leaving any gaps.

  • With your freshly sharpened GlideLiner apply small feather-like strokes to your lash line. Glide the product in-between your eyelashes to create the appearance of a thicker lash line and a “natural look.” Tip: Avoid visible product on the eyelid.

Bottom Liner

  • With a freshly sharpened pencil, very lightly create feather-like strokes along your bottom lash line.

  • Blend the line gently with your smudging tools. Tip: Blending the line to soften the appearance creates a more natural look.

Additional Tips:

  • If you have small eyes, you can use GlideLiner to create the appearance of larger eyes. To achieve this look, apply GlideLiner to your top and bottom eyelids, without connecting the lines at the outer corner of your eye. Leaving the outer corners of your eyes open (without liner) will create a more “bright-eyed” look.

  • If you have round or protruding eyes, close the liner at the edge to give your eyes more of an almond shape. To achieve this look, apply GlideLiner to the top and bottom of your eyelids, and connect the lines in the outer corners of your eye.


  • Spray a small amount of Xtreme Eye Makeup Remover™ into a cup. Saturate a Lint- Free Applicator in the Eye Makeup Remover and tap off any excess liquid

  • Place the Lint Free Applicator along the lid at a downward angle. Use small, gentle sweeping motions back and forth over the liner to remove it. Use the narrow tip to clean along and in between the lash line. Repeat until all GlideLiner is removed, replacing the Lint-Free Applicator with a fresh one as needed.

  • Once the GlideLiner has been completely removed, saturate a new Lint-Free Applicator in water and rinse your eyelid. Repeat with a fresh applicator for the opposite eye.

  • Lightly pat dry with a towel.

GlideLiner Long-Lasting Eye Pencils are available exclusively through Xtreme Lashes® Stylists and the Xtreme Lashes website. If you’re wondering what all the GlideLiner buzz is about, ask me for a demonstration today!

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