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Some Lash Extension Tips to Remember!

lash extensions tips

#1 Tip: use blow dryer, after you shower, on low & cool heat for 30 seconds under each eye. This will extend your lash life. Use your recommended lash sealant to brush and place lashes.

*AM: Separate and comb extensions upward with a lash spoolie. That’s it!

*NO curling or mascara allowed. Yep, they come looking this good. Plus, crimping + mascara can break down the adhesive.

*AVOID tugging on or rubbing extensions. They’re not fragile but the gentler you are with them, the longer they’ll last.

*DO go swimming and to hot yoga, but keep the steam room to five minutes.

*PM: Cleanse around the eye area, avoiding extensions. Instead, remove eye makeup with a Q-tip or carefully with a cotton pad.

*DO NOT sleep face down on your pillow or you’ll wake up with precious little lashes all over it! Use a travel pillow so your face supends off the mattress or pillow.

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