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Think opposites when choosing to Eye Shadows

Remember how I learned that opposite colors on top of each other cancel each other out? OK, well today I learned if you place them side by side, they help each other stand out. Simple, but super important when you're trying to pick the most flattering eyeshadow colors. Here's a cheat sheet: For blue eyes: Since orange is the opposite color of blue, anything with orange in it will make blue eyes stand out more. It doesn't have to be a blazing sun color -- it just has to have orangey undertones like gold, apricot, or peach. For green eyes: Red is the opposite color of green, which isn't to say you should apply a cherry red-colored eyeshadow to your lids. But you'll help your green eyes pop if you use colors that have red undertones, like deep plums and wine. For brown eyes: Brown is a neutral color, so any color will work well. But the most standout colors are blue and purple.

Have fun with it! I also have colored lash extensions that can complement your eye color that blend with the rest of your extensions! Ask about it!

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