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How to clean your make-up brushes-your skin will thank you

Are you wondering how to clean makeup brushes? It’s almost too simple…

What you need:

1. Olive Oil 2. Dirty makeup brushes 3. Dish soap {any soap will do} 4. A plate

1. Mix equal parts olive oil & dish soap 2. Rub makeup brush in mixture on plate 3. Rinse with warm water & lay flat on towel to dry

Laying your brushes flat is idea so that your brushes last longer. Setting them upright will allow water to get into the ferrule {The metal part that holds the fibers} & allow the ferrule to detach from the handle.

Tip #1:You can also dry them upside down by taping them to the mirror above your sink or in your shower.

Tip #2:For a quick cleanup you can put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, spray your brushes & wipe off on a rag.

I try to wash my brushes once a week. But sometimes I forget, & let’s face it {haha get it?} No one is perfect.. so do it when your remember. Not washing your brushes can lead to unwanted pimples & skin issues. Be good to your skin!

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