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Back to School "MOM" Essential- Lash Extensions

What better way of getting ready for back to school, mom! Ask yourself: How can I save time on my morning routine? LASH EXTENSIONS are the answer. Now, your back to getting the kids up early and getting yourself up early as well.

Remember, the last 2 1/2 months have been great with a relax schedule to your day. Well, not any more! We are waking up early and staying late at practices and games or meetings. I know, I'm a mom too. Imagine, waking up late and the kid are still sleeping and you have minutes to take care of business before you can take care of yourself! So, you run out of the house with NOOO make-up. Well, lash extensions give you that wake up, put together look like you spend all morning getting ready.

So, ladies, just get some lash extensions so you don't have to give everyone that excuse: "Sorry for the way I look, I just woke up late..."

Call me 469-774-9742 or book an appointment online.

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