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7 Great New Years Resolutions you can keep

Now is the time to list out those all-important resolutions for the new year.

Beyond the usual suspects -- shedding some pounds, saving more money and making time to meditate -- we've got a few style-specific resolutions to add to your list. Whether it's donating the clothes you never wear or adopting a healthy skincare regimen, there's no better time to give your fashion and beauty habits an overhaul.

Shop your closet

Instead of hitting up the store racks or online shopping yourself into debt, consider all the hidden treasures in your closet. We've all got things we haven't worn in months (or years) that can be refreshed. There might even be some threads with tags still on them hiding amongst the madness. Take a deep dive into your closet and be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

Take more beauty risks

Try the colors in your eyeshadow palette that you've never touched before -- maybe a purple, burgundy or teal. Also pull out that siren red lipstick you've been too afraid to put on. You might find the brighter your lip, the brighter your day.

Invest in classic pieces

Don't spend your hard earned dough on trendy clothes that you'll be sick of after a season or two. Invest in classic pieces like a great camel coat or black cashmere sweater that you'll have forever.

Maintain a healthy skincare regimen

No more crashing with a face full of makeup. Make a vow to take care of your skin this year by using great products, scheduling facials, hydrating and eating the right foods for a glowing complexion.

Make an underwear overhaul

It's time throw out those bras and panties you've been holding onto for the past decade. Invest in a new, comfortable and quality collection of underpinnings. Great underwear adds some unseen confidence to your personal swag.

Get organized

Time to get those dressers and drawers into shape. And once you do, don't let your clothes go back to being small mountains on the floor

Wear more color

It's so easy to keep slipping on that same black dress or your go-to t-shirt and jeans. Spice things up this year by simply adding more color to your look.


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