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See how we WON the Xtreme Lashes Halloween Contest

Every year Xtreme Lashes opens a Halloween Lash Look Contest at the end of September. “We” or (shall I say) I entered us into this contest.

Since we have nevered officially created a lash/makeup look, why not start BIG and let the experts judge us. Right? Well, I knew Ruby and I were creative and we were awesome lash artists.

First we needed an inspiration photo. We resourced my daughter since this was her expertise. She enjoys going to “Com-icons” and dresses up like her favorite characters or “ cosplay ”. She gave us a great idea of the Bride of Frankenstein. My daughter also helped with how to achieve this look. I was really hoping to use some of her SFX makeup like the fake blood and wax scar. To my dismay, she gave me a red lipliner and a white eyeliner to make the stitches. Then, I was hoping use the white clown foundation cake but she just gave me a foundation 2-3 shades lighter than my model’s skin. Ruby applied a mixture of GREEN Faux Mink Bold X40 .15 12mm/10mm and BLACK X-Wrap X40 .15 7mm. She gave our model Andrea a grey smoky eye. We used MakeUpForever liquid foundation in to give Andrea a walking dead skin tone and painted her hair with Ben Nye Snow White. I also used cheese cloth that I ripped for that aged look for the vail.


Her & Cast of Rocky Horror PIcture Show

Her & "Penguin" from Gotham TV Show

Andrea was such a doll to work with and a great sport because it took us about 4.5 hours to apply her lashes and makeup. She has a beautiful face and hypnotic green eyes that work out wonderfully with our Bride of Frankenstein look. Ruby and I agreed that if we were more organized that we could have done more.

Be expecting more creative amazing projects from us!

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