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11 Tips to keep lash extensions longer

Atelier lash extensions

We love it when our clients come back with right amount of lashes. We don’t have to work that hard. Clients hate it when their lash extensions shed sooner than later. It’s normal to lose between 25-45% of their lashes. So, any more than that is excessive. We are serious about lash extensions. We keep our environment within a range that is best suited for the adhesive to cure. We clean and prime your lashes for best practices. We even use hypoallergenic products to make sure you aren’t reactive to our services. So, why are they falling out faster at times and not at other times?

11 tips to keep your lash extensions longer:

  1. For at least 3 hours up to 24 hours avoid exposing your face to tears, excessive moisture like washing your face, facials, or showers. The adhesive uses humidity to cure itself but anything excessive will cure it to fast. This will create a very weak bond.

  2. Never use oily or creamy cosmetics around the eye area. If your applying a oily or creamy anti-aging product on your lower lid, it will transfer to your lashes. Both will cause the bonds of the adhesive to slip and cause the extensions to shed. Which is the same reason why oily lids will have the same issue.

  3. Keep your eyelids and lashes clean! Even if you don’t wear makeup daily, keep your lids and lashes clean This prevents a collection natural oils and skin debris to clog your lash follicles or cause lash bonds to weaken. That introduces you to our next tip.

  4. Dry your lashes with a mini fan or blow dryer on a cool setting anytime they get wet, use eye drops, or tear up. Lash extensions are waterproof but not resistant against water mixed with our skin oils. There are lubricants in eye drops. If eye drops are necessary, you should use them but dry your lashes every time. Tears have salts that will break down the bonds of the adhesive.

  5. Say "NO" to non-lash compatible cosmetics around your eye area.

  6. Don’t rub your eyes or pick your at your lashes.

  7. Excessive environments like very hot humid Texas weather wil also cause lashes to shed premature. To help this problem, you should use Xtreme Lashes Protective Coating 1-2x a week.

  8. Allergies can cause itchy and watery eyes. So using antihistamines and allergy eye drops will help. Just remember to dry after using eye drops.

  9. LASIK, dehydration, or conditions act lenses can cause dry eyes. Dry eye conditions will cause the eyes to overcompensate and water more than normal. Again, if you use eye drops, remember to DRY your lashes.

  10. If you wear Contact lenses -lift your upper eyelid not lashes!

  11. The people who most benefits from lashes are the Working out queens! Unfortunately, sweat on lashes will listen and break those bonds. So, we recommend use 1-2x a week Xtreme Lashes Protective coating. This protects the bonds like hairspray for your lashes.

We hope this helps everyone. If you follow these tips, you should have more success with preventing your lashes from prematurely shedding. Perhaps, making small changes with the extension length, curl, or thickness will also help with keeping them on longer. In conclusion if you still have this problem, you may just need to come in sooner than two weeks. You may need to schedule your appointment intervals between 7 to 10 days. Always contact us as soon as you notice premature or unusual shedding.

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