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Yes, lash extensions can get wet!

lashes can get wet

We get this question a lot…”Can I get these wet?” yes you can 100% get the eyelash extensions wet. In fact, you only have to wait 3 hours before you get them wet. Most lash places will tell you to keep them dry for a min of 24 hours, so the adhesive can cure. Now, if you get them wet before the 3 hour wait, your lashes may shed prematurely. We used to operate in the same way and watched as clients rushed to wash their hair before the relash appointment. Others tipped themselves over the edge of the bathtub washing their hair after the application…very chic.

Another misconception is that the extensions will not hold up in salt water, that is 100% inaccurate…these babies are not a problem at all in the ocean. The only problem is that others may confuse you with a fantastic mermaid, rising from the sea looking perfectly pulled together.

Chilling poolside is not an issue, if you’re one of those ladies that likes to dunk your head under to cool down….dunk away. Chlorine is no problem and the extensions will bounce back as soon as they dry off. One flick of your nails and your “wake up made up” look is back in business.

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