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What are mermaid lash extensions?

Like everything else, lashes have evolved into the mermaid/unicorn beauty pallet. Now, you can rock the trend in semi-permanent extension form. Mermaid Lash Extensions are like regular lash extensions except they come in three aquatic shades: royal purple, Kelly green, and sea blue. Other mythical colored lash extensions can also be used to create a trifecta effect.

While customizable, the standard Mermaid Lash blend is about 20% black lashes and 60% colored lashes. This way, the overall effect is subtle — almost like ombre for your lashes. Because of the artistry involved in blending colors, applying Mermaid Lashes take about half an hour longer the conventional lashes. Total time: 1.5-2 hours.

It’s a creative way to express yourself or support a favorite team by using their colors.

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