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Severe Weather // CLOSED

Due to severe winter advisory, we are closed 02/18/2021. Please stay safe and warm.


  • Purchase emergency supplies such as:

  • Firewood, portable heater

  • Additional blankets

  • Battery powered weather radio or TV

  • Sanitary drinking water and containers

  • Flashlight/batteries

  • Non-perishable food items

  • Dry ice/ice chest for perishables

  • Manually operated can opener

  • First Aid Kit

Shelter your animals and bring patio plants indoors.

Familiarize yourself with area emergency shelters or arrange alternate housing in the event of an extended utility outage.  Remember to lock all doors and windows if you leave.  Keep in mind that a hard freeze usually affects the entire surrounding area, and businesses will be affected just as you are.  Stock up on all medications and other necessities that may not be available if merchants are closed. Fill your automobile with gas, and check the anti-freeze, oil and battery.  Drive only when absolutely necessary.  When you leave your apartment, walk carefully, and watch for ice on walkways, stairs, and parking area.  Store drinking water in sanitary containers, or purchase drinking water. 


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